Nursing care refers to the specialised care needed for those who suffer from long term, complex mental illness and those going through rehabilitation.

At Kenton Manor, our committed team of staff can provide around the clock 24 hour care and support individuals with dementia in their end of life wishes and care.

Upon assessment, the level of dementia nursing and care needed will be determined, and a personalised plan with this in mind will be created. You, the family, will be a part of every step of the process.


Our primary form of care is residential and this applies to residents who require a little extra help in carrying out daily activities such as washing, dressing and eating due to disability or frailty. Upon assessment we will determine the required level of dementia nursing and care needed.


Respite care refers to residents who choose to stay for a short term period rather than long, whether that be days, weeks or months, however long you need. If you are unsure if Kenton Manor is right for you, we also offer trial stays, where potential residents can experience what life in the home is like without having to commit.


We believe it’s more important than ever at this difficult stage in life to be receiving the best possible care, in a calm and comfortable environment. Here at Kenton Manor our compassionate team work hard to ensure the best quality of life for our palliative residents and their families, giving them all the time, space, treatment and assistance they need.

Our mission is to offer the best quality care and attention for elderly members of the community who suffer with dementia and the mental challenges which come with old age and this particular illness. We do this in a safe, secure, stimulating and positive environment. Our person centered approach to care is built around the specific wants, needs and aspirations of each of our residents.


We maintain a great working relationship with an extensive group of healthcare and social care professionals with regular visits from GP’s and occupational therapists as well as many others.

Our own on site team are equipped with a wealth of experience in caring for residents with dementia and Alzheimer’s as well as other mental challenges,
and have a passion for their role of care meaning that our residents, and your family member, are always in excellent hands.


At Kenton Manor, we hold ourselves to five core values which are at the heart everything we do; professionalism, respect, kindness, integrity and compassion.


Our person-centered approach to care celebrates each resident for their individuality in both the nursing care that they need and the way they choose to spend their days.


Our values of compassion, respect and professionalism underpin everything we do here at Kenton Manor and we are committed to ensuring every resident feels comfortable.


Many people worry that going into care will result in losing their independance. Though we take precautions to keep our residents safe, we encourage independance and all of our grounds have been specifically designed to allow for maximum mobility.